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TYNDP 2016 Public Workshop: Have your say on the Regional Investment Plans and the TYNDP 2016 candidate projects

Date: 24/06/2015 -  

To present the list of the TYNDP 2016 candidate projects and the main messages of the next Regional Investment Plans, ENTSO-E invited all interested stakeholders to the TYNDP 2016 public workshop, which took place on 24 June 2015 from 10.00 to 16.30, at the ENTSO-E premises, in Brussels.

Following the development of scenarios, the second step in the TYNDP process is the identification of the infrastructure needs and of the associated projects.

Since early 2015 ENTSO-E has been working on six coordinated regional planning studies to identify future investment needs. These studies and conclusions provide input to the new Regional Investment Plans. In addition, an application window for candidate projects' submission for inclusion in the TYNDP 2016 was opened during April.

The workshop was combination of information sharing, exchange of opinions and dialog between the participants. The workshop was also meant to support stakeholders in the preparation of their answers to the ENTSO-E open consultation on the six Regional Investment Plans and the TYNDP 2016 candidate projects list, consultation open between 24 June and 10 September.

The next step is the assessment of all projects from the final TYNDP 2016 projects list, assessment which is based on the ENTSO-E CBA methodology approved by the European Commission in February 2015.

The workshop's agenda can be accessed here.

The presented material can be accessed here.

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