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Join us to improve the pan-European cost-benefit analysis methodology

Date: 16/03/2016 - Brussels, Belgium

​​​Public workshop, location: ENTSO-E premises, avenue de Cortenbergh 100, Brussels

16 March 2016, from 10:30 to 16:30 CET

Agenda: download

Presentations: download

The pan-European cost-benefit analysis (CBA) methodology:

  • Is used to assess all Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) projects in a homogenous way;
  • Forms the basis for the assessment of all the electricity Projects of Common Interest (PCIs);
  • If required, gives indication for cost allocation and incentive/grants for PCIs.

The first CBA methodology was approved by the European Commission in February 2015. Since then the CBA has been used in two TYNDP exercises and one PCI process. Based on the lessons learned from these processes and the additional feedback received from stakeholders, ENTSO-E had redrafted the pan-European CBA methodology (CBA 2.0 methodology).  This new methodology is intended to be used in the TYNDP2018 and consequently in the 2019 PCI process.

This workshop represented the kicks off the stakeholders' interaction process on the CBA 2.0 methodology. The aim was twofold:

  • share with you all the improvements that ENTSO-E suggests for the new CBA methodology;
  • brainstorm and openly discuss with you what and how the CBA methodology can be further developed.


Outcomes of the workshop

At the workshop participated around 40 stakeholders covering a wide representation of views. During the event all the participants worked in small groups focusing mainly on security of supply and cost indicators (the two indicators who are significantly changed compared to the CBA 1.0). The outcomes of the small groups discussion can be downloaded here.

ENTSO-E would like to thank all the participants for their valuable input.


Next steps

This workshop will be followed by a two month web-based public consultation of the draft CBA 2.0 methodology where all the interested parties can send  their views and suggestions to ENTSO-E. The consultation will start in April 2016 and will be announced in due time on the ENTSO-E website.


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