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ENTSO-E Transparency User Group

​​​​​​The ENTSO-E Transparency User Group (ETUG) was launched in April 2015 to collect, analyse and prioritise data user issues regarding both the usability and content of the platform, with a view to agree​ and recommend solutions and action plans for ENTSO-E assessment and possible implementation.

The ETUG was formed in March 2015, following an open call for applications. In preparation for the 21 April kick-off meeting, ENTSO-E compiled​ the: User Feedback Report, which identified some key areas for improvement and evolution.

In response to this report, and to allow the ETUG's work to advance rapidly, during the kick-off meeting, the group formed sub-groups to analyse and make re​commendations on three key topics: User interface, Data downloads, Data quality. A first list of recommendations was submitted to ENTSO-E for further detailed assessment in the last week of May 2015.


ETUG Meetings

​15/11/2017​8th ETUG MeetingAgenda
​​​​15/06/2017​7th ETUG MeetingAgenda
​12/10/2016​6th ETUG MeetingAgenda
​27/04/2016​5th ETUG MeetingAgenda​​​
​02/02/2016​4th ETUG MeetingAgenda
​20/01/2016​5th ETUG MeetingAgenda
​16/06/2015​2nd ETUG meeting ​Agenda
​21/04/2015​​1st ETUG kick-off meeting ​Agenda

 Supporting Documents

​​16/06/2015 ​ETUG Member List (Core & Remote)
​16/06/2015Transparency Platform User Feedback Report
​​16/06/2015ETUG Terms of Reference