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Workshop on Connection Network Codes Implementation guidance documents

Date: 13/09/2016 - ENTSO-E, Brussels

​When: 13 September 2016, 10:00 -17:00
Where: ENTSO-E premises – ground floor (Av. Cortenbergh, 100, 1000, Brussels)
Agenda: here

The implementation guidance documents (IGDs) are non-binding supporting materials addressed to the system operators concerning the elements of the codes requiring national decisions. They shall explain the technical issues, conditions and interdependencies which need to be considered when complying with the requirements of this Regulation at national level. The IGDs are to be finalised six months after the enter into force of the respective connection codes, which in the case of Requirements for Generators Network Code is 17 November 2017.

This workshop follows the public consultation that ENTSO-E currently runs until 15 August on the draft IGDs from the RfG perspective.

The aim of the workshop was to check ENTSO-Es understanding of the stakeholders’ comments, the key issues. Also to share as far as developed by this stage draft proposals for what, how and why (or why not) ENTSO-E implement the stakeholders’ recommendations given to us during the consultation. In addition ENTSO-E explained the explain the next steps including the future consultations.

The presented material can be downloaded here.

The outcomes of the interactive sessions will be added here in the following week.

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