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Public Consultation Workshop on ENTSO-E’s TYNDP 2012 Package

Date: 28/03/2012 -  

ENTSO-E held a public consultation on its 2012 ten-year network development plan (TYNDP) package comprising six detailed regional investment plans (RgIps) and the Scenario Outlook & Adequacy Forecast (SO&AF) 2012 – 2030 as well as the pan-European TYNDP 2012 report.

The consultation lasted 8 weeks from1 March until 26 April. 2012 As part of the public consultation, ENTSO-E held a stakeholder workshop on 28 March 2012. The presentations from the workshop are now available.

This forward-looking pan-European report and the corresponding regional investment plans are the most comprehensive and up-to-date European-wide reference for the transmission network development. They point to significant investment needs in the European power grid in order to help achieve Europe’s major energy policy goals: the integration of renewable energy sources; market integration and security of supply.

In this context the TYNDP package aims at ensuring transparency regarding the electricity transmission network and at supporting decision-making at regional and European level. With the release of the TYNDP 2012 package for public consultation, ENTSO-E responds to the requirements of current regulation, in particular Art 8.3-b of Regulation (EC) 714/2009 mandating ENTSO-E to adopt a non-binding Community-wide TYNDP and a generation adequacy outlook every two years.

The aim of the consultation is to collect valuable stakeholder feedback in view of enhancing these documents for their final release in June 2012 and their future editions in the coming years. The TYNDP 2012 package is available here on the ENTSO-E website (stakeholders comments on the reports may be viewed via ENTSO-E’s web consultation interface.

Public Stakeholder Workshop on 28 March 2012

This workshop constitutes an important element of the consultation process to which interested parties were invited to participate. Besides presenting the specificities of the TYNDP package, the practical purpose of the workshop is to collect stakeholder's comments in view of enriching the documents with their input. First instance of contact for any questions regarding the TYNDP package or the corresponding consultation, please contact Irina Minciuna (imi@entsoe.eu). Media representatives are asked to contact, Michael Mieszczanski by email (mmi@entsoe.eu) for further information or to arrange interviews.

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