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BS Region Stakeholder Workshop on TYNDP & RgIP 2012 and Network Code on RfG

Date: 14/12/2011 -  

The presentation is now available from the ENTSO-E workshop on the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), the Regional Investment Plans (RgIPs) and Network Code on Grid Connection Requirements for Generators held in Stockholm on 14 December 2011. 

The open workshop with stakeholders focused on the methodologies for the TYNDP & RgIP 2012 development and the expected results at the Baltic Sea region level, due to be released in June 2012, as well as the Future European Network Code on Grid Connection Requirements for Generators. The agenda and presentation from the workshop are available at the link below.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce and discuss the following:

  • The following was covered regarding the TYNDP and regional investment plans development process and the assessment of regional projects of pan-European relevance:
    • Main challenges and specifics for grid development in Baltic Sea region;
    • Identification and assessment all candidate projects of European relevance;
    • Preliminary results of the Baltic Sea Regional Grid Investment Plan
    • Anticipation of Energy Infrastructure Package implementation.
  • The following was covered regarding the draft European Network Code on Connection Requirements for Generators:
    • The network code development context;
    • The present status and work program of the generator code development;
    • The scope of the code in terms of cross-border issues and significant users;
    • Approaches on retro-active application and cost-benefit analysis;
    • The process for public consultation.
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