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Public Stakeholder Workshop on the Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation, Brussels

Date: 10/07/2013 -  

As a follow up to the recently closed public consultation, ENTSO-E held a public stakeholder workshop on 10 July 2013 in Brussels to provide feedback to stakeholders on the comments received on the draft Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation (NC FCA).

ENTSO-E invited interested stakeholders to register for a public workshop, held in Brussels at the Silken Berlaymont Hotel (Boulevard Charlemagne, 11 -19)  from 10:30-16:00, to discuss the comments received on the NC FCA during the public consultation and how ENTSO-E intends to take them into account in the next version of the code.

The workshop provided a forum for the views of various organisations and companies impacted by the NC FCA and an opportunity to raise questions and clarifications. An updated draft of the code is available.

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