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Project TERRE open stakeholder meeting, London

Date: 12/07/2017 - London

​​12th July 2017

TERRE project Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) are pleased to invite you to the dedicated open Stakeholder Meeting on the 12th of July in London. This event will give stakeholders the opportunity to hear about the latest status of the TERRE project, currently in its implementation phase, and the TSOs position on the RR market harmonization and the TSO-TSO and TSO-BSP/BRP interactions. The main topics related to the next public consultation will be explained, allowing the stakeholder to provide input.

  • When: Wednesday 12th of July, 10:00 to 16:00 (BST)

  • Where: ELEXON Premises:  ELEXON Ltd, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3AW.

  • Who would be interested: Energy market participants and EU representatives

  • What countries are in TERRE:

    • ​France, GB, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

    • Other TSOs are observers


  • TERRE: Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange



  • Speakers: Members of the TERRE TSOs project team and respective NRAs will be giving updates on the current status of the project, the expected further steps and the topics to be covered in the next public consultation.

  • Project Work streams:​

    • “LIBRA” Centralised Platform Design

    • Public consultation on RR harmonization, TSO-TSO, TSO-BSP and TSO-BRP settlement rules

    • Project Implementation plan

    • Interaction between the TERRE project and the requirement to develop a pan-European platform for the exchange of Replacement Reserves, according to the Electricity Balancing Guideline.

  • Agenda:

    • Elexon CEO Welcome and TERRE introduction

    • Presentation of project status

    • Consultation Paper

      • TSO-TSO model

      • TSO-BSP and TSO-BRP model

    • Lunch break

      • Transparency

      • Governance and cost sharing

    • TERRE consultation paper and GL EB

    • Stakeholder presentation(s)

    • Conclusion and open discussion

  • Documentation: The supporting presentations and consultation paper will be circulated to the registered participants and published on the ENTSO-E website by 06th of July 2017. Stakeholders’ presentations on the above topics are also welcomed.​


Project TERRE is one of the number of initiatives set up by ENTSO-E, with the aim of gaining experience from cross-border exchanges of balancing energy between TSOs in compliance with the future Electricity Balancing Guideline. TERRE is currently the leading project to exchange Replacement Reserves (RR), and entered the implementation phase beginning 2017.

Therefore, TSOs and NRAs involved invite stakeholders to this meeting in order to:

  • give them an update on the current status of the project work streams,

  • provide explanation on the new public consultation representing the TSOs’ position on the RR market and TSO-BRP and TSO-BSP interaction.

  • Discuss with the stakeholders their first reactions and answer their potential questions,

  • discuss the next steps, in particular the public consultation, the approvals and the RR market harmonization.

Request to attend the event

Due to limited places we kindly ask that you confirm your attendance via the form below. The deadline to complete this form is Monday​ 03rd of July EOB. Following this date attendees will receive an email confirming their participation.

For further information please contact Amine Abada (amine.abada@rte-france.com)​