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2nd ENTSO-E Stakeholder Workshop on Operational Planning & Scheduling Network Code, on 25 July

Date: 25/07/2012 -  

ENTSO-E held a second public stakeholder workshop on the Operational Planning and Scheduling Network Code (OP&S NC) on 25 July 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

The aim of the public stakeholder workshop was to present updates made to the network code based on stakeholder feedback received in the first OP&S NC workshops held with stakeholders and with the DSO technical expert group on 23 May 2012.

The presentations from the workshop are now available.

An updated draft of the OP&S NC was published on 18 July 2012 in advance of the workshop taking into account feedback we received in our workshops on 23 May. Along with this update, ENTSO-E also published a supporting document  introducing the legal framework of the draft code, presenting the code’s objectives, explaining ENTSO-E’s approach to develop the code, outlining related challenges and opportunities and describing how the code will fulfil the requirements set out by ACER’s corresponding framework guideline.

These documents were presented to and discussed with participants at the workshop. These workshops and other future workshops are an opportunity for stakeholders including DSOs, industrial electricity consumers, generators, energy traders and turbine suppliers to provide feedback on the current status of the network code and discuss the latest update.

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