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Workshop on Study Roadmap towards Modular Development of a pan-European Electricity Highway System 2050

Date: 10/05/2011 -  

On 10 May 2011, ENTSO-E organizes an open workshop in Brussels in the context of a public consultation on a study roadmap towards a Modular Development of a pan-European Electricity Highway System (MoDPEHS) 2050.

The 41 TSOs members of ENTSO-E are responsible for system security and system development in their control areas. Considering the overall importance of the development of a pan-European electricity highway system for the integration of renewable energy sources, of further market integration and to maintain the security of electricity supply, ENTSO-E prepares in cooperation with DG Energy and in line with the Commission’s Communication “Energy infrastructure priorities  for 2020 and beyond” (17 November 2010), a corresponding study project with a comprehensive view on the future European grid developments.

In preparation of the MoDPEHS as described by the Commission’s Communication, ENTSO-E organises a consultation workshop on: 10 May 2011, from 09:30h to 17:00h, Le Méridien Brussels, Carrefour de l’Europe 3, 1000 Brussels

This workshop constitutes an important element of the elaboration process for the roadmap. Participants are invited to share their views about the process and to contribute in putting together a work program covering all relevant issues towards a robust long-term strategic plan to 2050. Based on broad stakeholder involvement, the study roadmap will need to fully explore the technical/technological, economic/financial and political/socio-political issues related to the modular development of a 2050 Electricity Highway System for Europe.

Participants are asked to register for the workshop via email, by indicating their full names, contact details and organisation to Ms. Thanh-Thanh Le Thi (thanh-thanh.lethi@entsoe.eu), before 4 May 2011 at the latest.

First instance of contact for further information is:
Dr. Mihai Paun
Network Development Advisor
Phone +32 2 741 09 63

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