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ENTSO-E Stakeholder Workshop on Load Frequency Control & Reserves Network Code

Date: 25/09/2012 -  

ENTSO-E held a public stakeholder workshop to present and discuss a draft of the Load Frequency Control & Reserves Network Code (LFC&R NC) on 25 September 2012, in Brussels, Belgium.

The draft code, which was published on ENTSO-E’s website prior to the workshop, reflects the work carried out by TSO experts as of 1 September 2012.

The ENTSO-E workshop addressed a version of the network code in legal format, in which the most important stipulations are close to their final formulations. Therefore, the input of, discussions and a Q&A session with stakeholders are particularly important at this stage of drafting.

The minutes of the public stakeholder workshop and of the workshop with the DSO Technical Expert Group, which took place the same day, are available, along with the presentation given by ENTSO-E (see ‘related links’ below).

This stakeholder workshop was the second of several workshops with all stakeholders. Further workshops will be held during and after the formal public consultation on the LFC&R NC in line with the consultation timetable on ENTSO-E’s website.

The LFC&R NC focuses on frequency quality criteria, frequency control structure, frequency containment reserves, frequency restoration reserves, replacement reserves, exchange of reserves and synchronous time control. These LFC&R NC provisions provide the basis for the power system to function with a satisfactory level of security and quality of supply, as well as efficient utilization of infrastructure and resources.

The European Commission officially invited ENTSO-E to start formally drafting the LFC&R NC on 24 February 2012. The code must be in line with ACER’s Framework Guidelines on Electricity System Operation and submitted to ACER by 1 July 2013.

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