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Joint ENTSOs workshops on 2 June and 5 July: Let’s develop together the future TYNDPs scenarios

Date: 02/06/2016 - ENTSOs - Brussels

​​The ENTSO for gas and electricity invited all the interested gas and electricity stakeholders to participate in ENTSOs joint Public workshop on scenarios for the TYNDPs 2018.

Location: ENTSOs premises, 100 Avenue Cortenberg, Brussels

Date: 2 June 2016, from 10:00 to 16:30 CET

Agenda: download here

Presentations: download here

The development of scenarios represents the first step of the European TYNDPs for electricity and gas. Scenarios offer the frame under which the future is analysed in view of identifying the investment needs and benefits of future electricity and gas projects.

Now is the point in time where the blank page of TYNDPs 2018 scenarios is written. After  September ENTSOs will close the door for feedback and work on the scenario development and data collection until Spring 2017 when ENTSOs will share with the stakeholders the results and ask for further guidance and feedback.

Outcomes of the workshops - now available

As one can see from the agenda the workshop was, except 1h presentation, very interactive. ENTSOs  have received very valuable feedback from more than 50 stakeholders who participated to the event.

The outcomes of each of the groups can be downloaded from here.

Using a similar approach ENTSOs, with the support from the European Commission, hold on           5 July a workshop dedicated to the Member States and the National Regulatory Authorities. Comparing the input received from the stakeholders and the MSs/NRAs one can easily notice the shift in approach which moves from a more daring future to a slightly conservative one. For example one can see the comparison on the preferred scenarios for 2040 between the stakeholders input (2 June) and the MSs/NRAs input (5 July event).

All the presented material and the outcomes can be downloaded from below:


Between 12 May and 12 June ENTSOs hold a web-based public consultation on the scenarios for the gas and electricity TYNDPs 2018. you may access the scenarios consultation here.