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Grid+Storage Project Workshop

Date: 25/11/2015 -  

Research and Innovation activities about energy storage integration in the electricity networks: ongoing activities at national level and future needs

Regional workshop (Belgium, France, The Netherlands)

EURATECHNOLOGIES, 165 Avenue de Bretagne, Lille (France)

25 and 26 November 2015

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This two-day workshop relates to the SET Plan activities within the Energy Union Framework.

The GRID+STORAGE service contract aims at providing the European Commission and the Member States with an upgraded version of the Research and Innovation Roadmap for the electricity grids as approved in 2013.

The novel features of this future version of the roadmap are three folds:

  1. The roadmap will take into account an explicit description of Research and Innovation (R&I) activities recommended about energy storage integration in the future electricity networks (operations, maintenance, planning and market mechanisms) since energy storage is a way to increase the flexibility of the electricity system;

  2. The roadmap upgrading process involves the active participation of Member States, by giving them the opportunity to show where and how public national funding addresses energy storage integration into grid activities: this contribution will reinforce the monitoring of national or regional Research and Innovation activities, thus helping to minimise the future risks of funding overlaps in EU28; and it will underline the role of the ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus initiative in catalysing more cooperative R&I activities between Member States;

  3. The debates which are organised during nine “regional” workshops will favour the involvement of national players in identifying needs for further research and innovation activities at national and European level in order to accelerate the deployment of energy storage solutions throughout the electricity system.

This first workshop, addressing Belgium, France and The Netherlands, is therefore a unique opportunity to interact with network operators and energy storage stakeholders about the scope and contents of the future Research and Innovation roadmap.

All stakeholders involved in R&I activities about smart grids and energy storage integration in the power system are invited to attend this workshop. National R&I projects representatives will be invited to join a labelling process where the European added value of their activities will be identified jointly by the ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus and Grid+Storage teams.

Eight other regional workshops will be organised throughout Europe until April 2016, in order to share knowledge and agree about the future Research and Innovation activities needed for the next ten years.

Download the detailed draft program is available

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