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ENTSO-E Conference: Securing Europe’s Competitive Energy Future, Brussels

Date: 19/11/2014 -  

ENTSO-E Conference "Securing Europe's Competitive Energy Future", organised on 19 November 2014, gathered 28 speakers and nearly 500 delegates from 39 countries to discuss how ENTSO-E's products and services address the challenges of Europe's power markets. The conference showcased TSOs achievements in transforming the European power system, thus contributing to the EU's energy and climate objectives. All speakers supported a stronger and smarter European grid, and called for consistent political support to turn the network plans into reality.

One of the strong messages delivered at the ENTSO-E conference was that transmission infrastructure is crucial in addressing the energy trilemma of security of supply, sustainability and affordability. Participants highlighted the urgent need for stronger political and stakeholder support to secure public acceptance, finance-ability and smooth permitting processes. Moreover, TSOs insisted that if progress on transmission infrastructure, the 'hardware', is important, the 'software', the network codes and electricity target model, should also be in place.

The speaking points and presentations delivered at the ENTSO-E conference are available under
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