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Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Methodology Workshop, Brussels

Date: 24/06/2013 -  

ENTSO-E invited all interested stakeholders to participate in the Cost and Benefit Analysis Workshop held on 24 June 2013 in Brussels at the ENTSO-E premises.

Further to the European Regulation on guidelines for the implementation of European energy infrastructure priorities (EU) No 347/2013, which entered into force on 15 May 2013, ENTSO-E has been mandated to draft and submit to Member States, the Commission and ACER a system-wide Cost and Benefit Analysis methodology.
The purpose of ENTSO-E’s CBA methodology was three-fold:

  • To produce a system-wide cost benefit analysis (CBA), to assess all Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) projects in a homogenous way;
  • To form the basis for the assessment of all the electricity projects of common interest (PCIs);
  • To form input if required, for cost allocation and incentive/grants for PCIs.

Art.11 of the Regulation requests ENTSO-E to submit this CBA methodology by 16 November 2013 following an extensive consultation with stakeholders. The consultation process began in 2012, with the first workshop organised on 19 November. This workshop was also part of the official consultation process, along with the planned written consultation which will take place during the summer of 2013.

Through this workshop ENTSO-E aimed to create confidence and consensus among all main stakeholders on the proposed principles and to receive suggestions and input for further improvements, in order to produce and deliver a robust assessment methodology to the European Commission, Member States and ACER.

The workshop was based on the current CBA draft methodology (an earlier version was published in November 2012 and updated in December 2012). Supporting documents and the presentations made during the workshop are available for download through the links below.

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