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ENTSO-E Cost and Benefit Analysis Methodology Workshop on Assessing the Future Projects of European Interest

Date: 19/11/2012 -  

In the preparation of future TYNDPs and the entering into force of the new European Regulation on guidelines for the implementation of European energy infrastructure priorities in 2013, ENTSO-E invited all interested parties to participate in the Cost and Benefit Analysis workshop, held on 19 November in Brussels at the ENTSO-E premises

The draft Regulation mandates ENTSO-E (Art. 12) to deliver a cost benefit analysis (CBA) methodology in order to:

  • produce a System wide cost benefit analysis (CBA), allowing an assessment of all TYNDP projects in a homogenous way;
  • assess all the electricity projects of common interest (PCIs); 
  •  if required, provide information for cost allocation and incentive/grants for the PCIs process.
Through this workshop ENTSO-E's aim was to create confidence and consensus around the proposed principles among all main stakeholders and to produce and deliver a robust assessment methodology to the European Commission.

The CBA draft methodology presented during the workshop was updated on 4 December 2012 and can be accessed here. The minutes of this workshop as well as the presentations can be accessed through the links below.

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