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Workshop on experiences and conditions for successful implementation of incentives for innovation

Date: 01/06/2016 - ENTSO-E, Brussels

The Smart Grids Task Force (SGTF) was set up by European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy in January 2010. It brings together under ENER and CNECT chairmanship six other Commission DGs (CLIMA, ENTR, ENV, JUST, JRC and RTD) and about 30 European organisations representing all relevant stakeholders on the Smart Grid arena, from both the ICT and energy sectors. SGTF was built taking into account previous Commission’s initiatives such as the European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI) and the European Technology Platform for Smart Grids.

The mission of the SGTF is to advise the Commission on policy and regulatory framework at European level to co-ordinate the first steps towards the implementation of Smart Grids under the provision of the Third Energy Package.

The SGTF’s plan of work is focused on deliverables split among four Expert Groups (SGTF-EGs), chaired by the Commission, and following the key challenges described in the Commission’s Communication “Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment” [COM/2011/202] of April 2011:

  • EG1: standardisation and interoperability of smart grids;
  • EG2: privacy and security issues (Data protection Impact Assessment template,energy-specific cyber security strategy, identification of minimum security requirements);
  • EG3: regulatory issues and recommendations for Smart Grids deployment; and
  • EG5: implementation of Smart Grid industrial policy.

The SGTF-EG3 is designed to provide a joint regulatory and commercial vision and recommendations for the deployment of Smart Grids taking into account accumulated experiences worldwide and the technological challenges to be faced mainly during next decade/s, so as to co-ordinate the first steps towards the implementation of Smart Grids under the provision of the Third Energy Package. The challenge ahead for the SGTF-EG3 is to jointly agree among governments, regulatory authorities, regulated companies and end users on key issues such as the estimated cost/benefits, potential business models, the associated risks and the incentives needed.

The aims of this Workshop is to sharing experiences and discuss the challenges faced by National Regulatory Authorities, grid operators, technology suppliers and manufacturers, retail suppliers, energy services industries and aggregators.

The Workshop will take place on 1st June 2016 at ENTSO-E offices, Avenue de Cortenbergh 100, 1000 Brussels.

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