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Webinar on Options for the regional cooperation of transmission system operators

Date: 31/03/2017 -


​​FTI studyThe ongoing transformation of the electricity industry with the development of decentralised generation, storage, smart grids & active consumer participation, together with the implementation of the Internal Energy Market (IEM), are having a significant impact on the functioning of the European power system – and more specifically on system operations. 

FTI Consulting - Compass Lexecon have carried out a study for ENTSO-E on what are the options for the regional cooperation of transmission system operators beyond what is foreseen by the EU network codes.

The study is meant to contribute to the reflection in Europe around the Clean Energy for All Europeans package. 

On 31 March from 11am to 1pm CET,​ Fabien Roques from FTI Consulting - Compass Lexecon will present the main conclusions of the study during a webinar. ​

Please register for the webinar on FTI Study Options for the Regional Cooperation of Transmission System Operators before 30 March 12am ​