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Webinar on IEC 61850 / Interoperability Specification Tool

Date: 10/05/2016 - Webinar

​The webinar will be provided by the Ad Hoc Group 61850, in conjunction with it4power, on Tuesday 10 May 2016 between 1pm – 3pm.  It will provide further information on the IEC 61850 standard as well as describing the Interoperability Specification Tool and its development.  All interested parties are welcome to attend and should contact Louise Anderson for more details.

Background info

IEC 61850 is a communication standard for electrical substation automation systems.  Multiple protocols exist for substation automation.  Interoperability (or the ability of two different systems to communicate with each other) from different vendors would be an advantage to users of substation automation devices.  IEC 61850 aims to reach interoperability at 3 levels: not only at communication level (cfr classical protocol), but as well at both information (enhanced semantic) and engineering process levels.

ENTSO-E, through Adhoc Group 61850, aims to contribute to the IEC 61850 improvement from the user side.  In order to achieve this aim, a tool (the Interoperability Specification Tool) is being developed by AdHoc Group 61850 in conjunction with it4power.  The tool will define an ENTSO-E profile which will be a superset of all the elements belonging to the different TSOs' (bay) templates.

Visit this page for more information on ENTSO-E's work on standardisation