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UMBRELLA Workshop on System State Modelling and Toolbox Design

Date: 23/10/2014 -  

The UMBRELLA research project is holding a public workshop at the ENTSO-E premises in Brussels on 23 October 2014 from 10:00-17:00.

The UMBRELLA Project

In recent years two socio-economic factors, namely the stimulation of the use of renewable energy as source of primary energy and the liberalisation of the energy markets, created a boost towards a new concept:  the systems of the future should have a non-centralised, distributed structure. The growing share of electricity generation from intermittent Renewable Energy Sources (RES) as well as the increasing market-based cross border flows and related physical flows are leading to rising uncertainties in the operation of transmission networks. Transmission System Operators (TSOs) need new methods for security assessment to allow for efficient use of the grid, while maintaining security and robustness against disturbances.

The system security research and demonstration project UMBRELLA is dedicated to the development of a toolbox for common forecasting, risk assessment and operational optimisation. New methods to forecast and handle uncertainty from renewable in-feeds and short term trading have already been developed. As a next step, those methods will be integrated in the UMBRELLA toolbox, which will enable TSOs to act in a coordinated European power system, where regional strategies converge, to ensure the best possible use of the European electricity infrastructure with high penetration of intermittent RES and significant amounts of short term trading.

For more information please visit the UMBRELLA website at e-umbrella.eu

Workshop Description and Registration

The workshop will address the results achieved so far. The scientific work packages will present the developed methods and their impact on system operation. Subsequently, the prototyping and demonstration work packages will present how these capabilities are going to be implemented for testing and demonstration.

The workshop will be held from 10:00-17:00 at the ENTSO-E premises, 100 Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1000 Brussels on 23 October, 2014.

To participate in this workshop, please register through the link below, no later than 17 October by indicating your full name, contact details and organisation.

The agenda is available here

For any further information, please send a mail to Ms Ioana Nedelcu