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Regional Public Stakeholder Workshops on 2014 Ten-Year Network Development Plan

Date: 18/03/2014 -  

In preparation for the publication of ENTSO-E's 2014 Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), ENTSO-E is holding six Regional Public Stakeholder Workshops:

  • Regional Group Baltic Sea Workshop, 18 March 2014, Stockholm
  • Regional Group Continental Central South Workshop, 20 March 2014, Rome
  • Regional Group Continental South West Workshop, 25 March 2014, Lisbon
  • Regional Group Continental Central East Workshop, 26 March 2014, Bratislava
  • Regional Group Continental South East Workshop, 27 March 2014, Zagreb
  • Regional Group North Sea Workshop, 31 March 2014, Brussels

These workshops will focus on the TYNDP methodologies, the Regional Investment Plans (RgIPs) 2014 elaboration and the preliminary Pan-European project assessment results of the 2030 Visions.

The aim of these workshops is to engage regionally with interested stakeholders and gather appropriate feedback and input that will inform the development of the TYNDP package. 

The workshops will introduce and discuss the TYNDP and RgIPs, their development processes and project assessment results by:

  • describing general TYNDP and RgIPs processes and their new role under Regulation (EU) 347/2013;
  • explaining the TYNDP project assessment results with the ENTSO-E Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology;
  • presenting the scenarios' development status and identifying multiple possibilities for future grid developments through pan-EU market study results (2030 Visions Approach);
  • outlining the preliminary outcomes of regional market and network studies;
  • presenting preliminary assessment outcomes for projects of European relevance.

Interested stakeholders are kindly requested to register via email, by indicating their full name, contact details, organisation and the name & location of the workshop they wish to participate in to Ms Thanh-Thanh Le Thi (thanh-thanh.lethi@entsoe.eu) no later than the date indicated in the table below.


Workshop - Regional Group (RG)


Date of Workshop

Draft Agenda

Registration by

RG Baltic Sea


18 March 2014


10 March 2014

RG Continental Central South 


20 March 2014


12 March 2014

RG Continental South West


25 March 2014


15 March 2014

RG Continental Central East


26 March 2014


16 March 2014

RG Continental South East


27 March 2014


17 March 2014

RG North Sea


31 March 2014


21 March 2014

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