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Power Transmission Tech 2014

Date: 12/02/2014 -  

Advanced Technologies in Power Transmission to Improve Infrastructure Management

ACI’s Power Transmission Tech 2014 will be taking place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 12-13 February 2014.

The two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the utilities industry, TSO’s, technology providers, energy researchers, power transmission investors, as well as DSO’s to discuss the integration of advanced technologies in power transmission to improve infrastructure management.

Key Topics Include:

  • Global Market Outlook
  • The Role of Policy & Safety in Power Transmission
  • Investor Perspective
  • Offshore Power Transmission Solutions
  • Innovation in Technology-Cabling, Smart Grids & Transmission Charger Lines
  • Grid Operator Case Studies
  • Distribution System Operator’s Viewpoint
  • Renewable Integration &
  • Energy Storage
  • Asset Management

For more information and registrations, contact Rohan Baryah at rbaryah@acieu.net or +48 61 646 7022, and get 15% off on your investment