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OPTIMATE Simulation Platform Training, Paris

Date: 19/05/2014 -  

​Assessing existing and innovative electricity market designs in Europe

The RES integration challenges and market designs

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) have experienced dramatic development in the last years and have a large impact on today’s electricity markets and systems. However, current electricity market designs are still adapted to traditional generators, such as thermal and hydraulic equipments. The update of these designs has become a critical issue in order to ensure economic efficiency, security of supply and sustainable development at reasonable cost.

It is therefore time to explore and assess innovative market designs in order to better integrate large amounts of RES into the European market and system.

The OPTIMATE training session added-value

The OPTIMATE platform prototype (developed under the EU-funded OPTIMATE project) focuses on electricity system and market designs modeling with a view to assessing existing and innovative market designs in order to allow better integration of massive intermittent generation dispersed in several regional power markets. It includes state-of-the art knowledge on market designs simulation in Europe with the support of five TSOs active in the CWE area.

The OPTIMATE prototype exploitation started in early March 2013 and is led by RTE.

The training will support participants in understanding the current OPTIMATE platform functionalities in detail, as well as in handling the platform and conducting studies through practical sessions.

Expected results

  • A training session providing participants with the required background in order to conduct in-depth analyses using the OPTIMATE platform
  • A user license (upon license agreement signature) giving access to the OPTIMATE platform right after the training session, user manuals as well as user groups meetings
  • Follow-up support and user groups meetings enabling users to exchange ideas and tips about the platform behavior and results.

Who should attend?


Energy regulators, transmission system operators, academics, and public entities involved in electricity markets design who deal with issues such as:

  • How do different variable RES feed-in regimes affect the electricity system efficiency?
  • Will flow-based market coupling outperform NTC coupling?
  • How do CO2 prices affect the whole system?

Modalities, venue, costs


Three and a half day training including:

  • An Express session (one and a half day), going through the functional aspects of the OPTIMATE platform (mostly on Day-ahead modules) and enabling participants to quickly use the platform.
  • An Advanced session (two days), going much deeper into the platform behavior (counterintuitive results, impact of main assumptions on results) and scenarios generation.

Dates of 2014 spring sessions

  • Express session: May 19th (early afternoon)- May 20th 2014
  • Advanced session: May 21st-May 22nd 2014

Venue: Paris (France)

Costs of training session (per trainee):

  • Full three and a half day training package: 1980€ (VAT excluded)
  • Express session: 1350 € (VAT excluded)

Cost of a yearly, standard OPTIMATE user license: 1700€ (VAT excluded)

Please send the completed registration form by email to svaugelade(at)symple.eu before the 12th May 2014.

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