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ENTSO-E Stakeholder Workshop on Operational Planning and Scheduling Network Code (OP&S NC)

Date: 23/05/2012 -  

ENTSO-E held a public stakeholder workshop to discuss the scope of the draft Operational Planning and Scheduling Network Code (OP&S NC) in the afternoon of 23 May 2012.

 In advance of the workshop ENTSO-E published a draft of the code, reflecting the work carried by TSO experts as of 14 April 2012. The workshop addressed the scope of the network code and allowed for discussion and a Q&A session. The presentations from the workshop and list of participants are now available.

This stakeholder workshop was the first of several workshops with all stakeholders. Further workshops will be held, throughout and after the formal public consultation on the OP&S NC.

Background Information

The European Commission officially invited ENTSO-E to start formally drafting the OP&S NC on 24 February 2012. The code must be in line with ACER’s Framework Guidelines on Electricity System Operation and submitted to ACER by 1 April 2013. The OP&S NC focuses on operational planning and scheduling procedures, roles and responsibilities of TSO’s and the system users, data exchange, in order to ensure meeting the objectives of secure System Operation at the planning phase in relevant timeframes.

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