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Joint ENTSOs consultation: Build the Europe’s future TYNDPs scenarios

Date: 12/05/2016 - Web-based public consultation

The ENTSO for gas and electricity invite you to participate in their joint Consultation on scenarios for the TYNDPs 2018.

Web-based public consultation

Runs from 12 May until 12 June COB

To consultation

What we assume today sets the frame under which the future is analysed. This is the reason why when developing the electricity and gas TYNDPs we are looking into what the future may look like.

The electricity and gas are independent systems but they are interlinked with each other. Therefore today the ENTSOs, are asking you both as electricity and gas stakeholders to give us your vision of the future.

Your feedback will be used by the ENTSOs in drafting the scenarios for the TYNDPs 2018. We will look into every feedback we’ll receive when drafting the final scenarios storylines. Based on them ENTSOs will complete the picture with the associated data so that the scenarios turn into palpable results. Along the way ENTSOs will continue asking your feedback during the coming stakeholder engagement process.

To whom is this addressed?

ENTSO-E and ENTSOG invite all the stakeholders interested in the gas and electricity infrastructure development and in particular scenario development to participate to this joint consultation.

How to answer?

In order to answer to this consultation we kindly invite you to follow this link.

The consultation will close on 12 June COB.

Answer the Consultation by 12 June

An overview of all the questions can be downloaded here.​

On 2 June, in the middle of the consultation period ENTSOs will hold a public workshop on the scenarios assumptions.

More information can be found here

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