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Join us to improve the Guidelines for inclusion of projects in the TYNDP 2018

Date: 30/06/2017 - ENTSO-E premises

When: 30 June 2017, 10:30 -16:30
Where: ENTSO-E premises Avenue Cortenbergh, C100, 1000, Brussels

Final agenda : download

Presented material: download

In preparation of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2018 (TYNDP) ENTSO-E organized a public stakeholder workshop on improving the Guidelines for inclusion of projects in the TYNDP.

The addresses of this event were all the interested parties and mainly the project promoters who intend to apply for inclusion in the TYNDP 2018.

The aim was to gather the promoters' input on the previous inclusion guidelines through small groups discussions. More specific the participants discussed and exchange ideas on:

  • the technical and legal requirements to be fulfilled by transmission and storage project wanting to be part of TYNDP 2018;
  • the timeline for the project promoters’ submission for the TYNDP 2018.
  • the link between the TYNDP and PCIs

This input will be used by ENTSO-E, ACER and EC to develop over summer the new set of criteria for inclusion of projects in the TYNDP 2018. These guidelines will be used by ENTSO-E for the project submission window set for end September - end November 2017(see below and for a better resolution the slides link above).

170630_Proj submission steps TYNDP 2018.jpg 

 Relevant material: previous draft TYNDP 2016 inclusion guidelines.