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First GARPUR Workshop towards Electricity Stakeholders

Date: 07/10/2014 -  


Workshop towards DSOs, power generators and technology providers

GARPUR: Generally Accepted Reliability Principle with Uncertainty modelling and through probabilistic Risk assessment

The aim of the GARPUR project is to design and evaluate new power system reliability criteria. If successful, these criteria could be progressively implemented at the pan-European level, optimally balancing reliability and costs. The increasing uncertainty caused by (among others) the massive integration of intermittent generation calls for the use of probabilistic reliability criteria to supplement and enhance the pure preventive N-1 criterion.

By participating in the workshop, representatives of DSOs, power generators and technology providers will have the opportunity to get an overview of the GARPUR project and to assess how their organizations will be impacted by the GARPUR activities and expected results.

The workshop will be held from 13:30-18:00 at the ENTSO-E premises, 100 Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1000 Brussels, on 7 October 2014.

To register, please send your request to Mrs Sylvie Vaugelade svaugelade@symple.eu  / +33 4 93 65 34 44 and kindly mention your name, contact details, organization and type of impacted stakeholders (DSO, Power Generator, or Technology provider).

Detailed information and the agenda are available here

Visit the project website at www.garpur-project.eu