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Public Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Adequacy Methodology, Brussels

Date: 16/04/2014 -  

ENTSO-E is holding a Public Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Adequacy Methodology at ENTSO-E’s premises in Brussels on 16 April 2014, and has opened an online stakeholder input survey.

The integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources, the internal electricity market, new storage technologies, demand side response and evolving policies all require revised system adequacy assessment methodologies. ENTSO-E proposes to develop its existing European adequacy methodology with a special emphasis on harmonised inputs, system flexibility and interconnection assessments. 

Due to increased levels of interconnection in Europe, pan-European and regional adequacy assessments are required to complement the national adequacy assessments. At the workshop, input will be sought from stakeholders on a number of questions, including:

  • What results do stakeholders expect from the system adequacy assessment?
  • What conclusions would stakeholders like to draw from the system adequacy assessment? 
  • What data could stakeholders provide to contribute to improvements?

Please find below links to the Workshop documentation:

Contribute to the online survey

Due to wide stakeholder response to the workshop invitation, maximum capacity has been reached, forcing us to close the registrations.

However, to ensure the widest possible participation in this contribution phase, an online survey for all stakeholders interested in contributing to the process is open until 23 April. The survey includes the questions that will be answered by the participants to this first workshop.