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4th Operational Planning and Scheduling Network Code Public Stakeholder Workshop

Date: 14/02/2013 -  

Following the public consultation held from 7 November 2012 to 7 January 2013, and as a part of the further development and finalisation of the Operational Planning and Scheduling Network Code (OPS NC), ENTSO-E held the 4th public stakeholder workshop on 14 February 2013, in Brussels. 

The aim of this workshop was to present the updated Operational Planning and Scheduling Network Code with a more detailed insight into the important changes resulting from stakeholder comments and suggestions provided during the public consultation.

As the primary goals of this workshop were common understanding and maximum transparency, ENTSO-E welcomed all questions and provided all necessary explanations on an updated draft of the code following the public consultation. The workshop was also the occasion for ENTSO-E to present the current version of its OPS NC Supporting Paper. ENTSO-E takes this opportunity to thank the contributors for their useful and constructive comments during the many meetings, workshops and discussions, in particular for the suggestions raised during the Public Consultation.

ENTSO-E is already working on improving the OPS NC in line with these suggestions, and believes that the forthcoming version of the code will be more balanced, matching the provisions, real needs and goals of the Framework Guidelines. This public stakeholder workshop was held from 9:30 to 4:30 at ENTSO-E premises, 100 avenue de Cortenbergh, 1000 Brussels. 

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