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ENTSO-E Stakeholder Workshop on Inclusion of 3rd Party Projects in the TYNDP 2014 Procedure

Date: 20/11/2012 -  

In preparation of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2014 (TYNDP) and the entering into force of the European Regulation on guidelines for the implementation of European energy infrastructure priorities in 2013, ENTSO-E invited all interested parties to the 3rd Party Procedure workshop, held on 20 November, 2012 in Brussels.

Art 3(7) of the Regulation defines the TYNDP as the base source for the selection of projects of common interest which are to receive EC support on permitting and/or, based on the defined criteria, financing support. In order to comply with the new Regulation requirements and also to present in the TYNDP all the relevant European electricity transmission infrastructure for the next decade, ENTSO-E has drafted a new 3rd Party Procedure.

This procedure aims to highlight the criteria under which a project can be included in the TYNDP and also the promoters’ submission process. This workshop had an interactive nature and its aim was to discuss and collect all the 3rd party promoters’ opinions and suggestions in order to deliver a final robust and feasible procedure in January 2013.

Additionally, on 19 November, ENTSO-E also organised a Cost and Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology workshop to present the assessment indicators against which all the TYNDP projects will be assessed and their benefits underlined. The same assessment methodology will be followed for all the accepted 3rd party projects.

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