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2nd Workshop on the connection codes frequency parameters

Date: 20/07/2017 - ENTSO-E premises

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​​​​​The workshop is associated with the connection codes (RfG, DCC and HVDC) implementation and a follow up of the first workshop that took place on March 9​ in Brussels on the same topic.​

Taking into consideration the results of this workshop and the frequency stability Roadmap​, ENTSO-E has worked over the last period to come up with suggestions on appropriate ranges and values for requirements of each connection code related to frequency stability, so as to guide the national implementation processes of each implementing country.

In this 2nd event ENTSO-E members’ experts on system planning and operation, with a strong knowledge of system stability aspects will present the suggestions and exchange with the relevant stakeholders with a view to update the respective Implementation Guidance Document (IGD). Results from a survey shared with the Stakeholder Committee members will also be discussed.