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ENTSO-E Approves Crucial Milestone for Grid Operation, Development and Electricity Market Integration

Published: 19/12/2013

​​ENTSO-E has approved the Common Grid Model Exchange Specification​ (CGMES). The CGMES data exchange specification​ is a superset of the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) standard. It was developed to meet necessary requirements for transmission system operator (TSO) data exchanges in the areas of system operations, network planning and integrated electricity markets. 

This represents a critical step towards increased market integration and the integration of growing amounts of fluctuating renewable energy sources in European electricity transmission systems, a key objective of Europe’s 2020 energy strategy. CGMES will allow TSOs to efficiently combine the data describing their different networks, which is a prerequisite for routine security and capacity calculations on regional scale.

A common grid model is a key feature in a number of ENTSO-E’s network codes, including those on capacity allocation and congestion management, operational planning and scheduling, and HVDC. The Standard will also facilitate increased efficiency and improved accuracy for the Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDP).

The CGMES will be applied by power system data management tools, and tools supporting the following analyses:

  • load flow and contingency analyses,
  • short circuit calculations,
  • market information and transparency,
  • capacity calculation for capacity allocation and congestion management, and
  • dynamic security assessment.

The development of the CGMES was a collaborative effort between ENTSO-E, TSOs, software vendors, the CIM User Group and IEC TC57/WG13.

ENTSO-E will continue improving CGMES to cover additional requirements defined in the network codes and/or by TSO needs, with ​interoperability tests (IOP) to verify future versions of the CGMES.

The conformity of the tools with the CGMES and the interoperability of the tools for operational and system development exchanges will be assessed within a conformity process defined by the ENTSO-E. This will ensure the CGMES is properly implemented by vendors of those tools.

Details of the conformity assessment process are expected in February 2014. In addition, several ENTSO-E projects will develop test models to support vendor implementation and the conformity tests.

Register for an Informational Webinar on the CGMES

ENTSO-E is organising a webinar on 13 January 2014 at 16:00 CET to update on the CGMES status and planning of the 2014 IOP. ​

Any questions on the ENTSO-E CGMES should be directed to: cgmes@entsoe.eu

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