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4. Third Party Projects


Is there any difference in the consideration of TSO projects and third party projects for the TYNDP?

ENTSO-E has a process for legal and technical assessments of third party projects for inclusion in the TYNDP. The parameters that are assessed are detailed in our Third Party Procedure.  

They include; a minimum level of Grid Transfer Capacity (GTC) between countries, which is the amount of power flow that can be expected; documents that provide certainty that the promoter is a legal entity with the assets to undertake the project; and that there are agreements in place with the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and/or TSOs from the countries involved.

Third party projects that pass this round of assessment will be assessed under each Vision within the TYNDP process in the same way that ENTSO-E member-TSO projects are.

The assessment periods for inclusion of third party projects in the TYNDP in 2014 were held in January and September 2013. Successful projects have been included in the ongoing assessments in the TYNDP process. The results of these assessments will be published in the TYNDP 2014.


How can third party projects be considered for the PCI list?

Firstly, third parties apply for assessment in an open window of the Third Party Procedure. In 2013, ENTSO-E opened a call from 21 January to 1 March and from 23 September to 20 October. The projects are then included in the regional studies for the TYNDP under each scenario, as with TSO projects. And finally, if the project is included in the TYNDP, the project promoter will be eligible to apply to the European Commission for PCI status.


​When is the next deadline to apply for the inclusion into the PCI list?

This is not yet known by ENTSO-E. The second European Union list is expected to be adopted two years following the publication of the first list, which was published in October 2013.

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